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The best motivation is the stories of other couples who have already had weddings in Sri Lanka. For me personally, this is so, because my clients' feedback motivates me to create more and more! 


I am sharing with you the feedback of my happy clients. 


You can find more reviews HERE

Read what our clients wrote and get charged with the energy of love!

“This time last year was the best day of our lives and we will always remember them and you! Thank you for everything you did for us!! Forever grateful to you!!! Lots of love and hugs!”

“Everything was just so professional starting from planning to execution!”

Feedback from the bride’s mother: “Thanks Catherina for making their day so special and for all of us.”

“It was truly the best day of our lives and we could not have achieved this without Catherina!!”

“Catherina is just perfect!! She is the most hardworking person I have ever met and will go out of the way to get things done the way you want!! She will never say “no” to you and whatever you ask her she will get it done, whatever it takes!”


When you read such messages, you understand that you are in the right place and you want to give even more love and beauty to your clients!

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