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Your Perfect Wedding…


Hello & Welcome


Have you ever dreamt of an exotic wedding on the ocean? ⠀


We create dream weddings among palm trees and the ocean!


Let's start planning your wedding...


My name is Catherina, I am a wedding planner and a designer in Sri Lanka. I have been organizing weddings for more than 10 years, 5 of them in Sri Lanka. ⠀


I studied the history of religion, psychology, management, marketing, art, and design. I lived in Italy and studied the Italian language and oil painting. I was engaged in organizing weddings all over the world before I moved to Sri Lanka.

My work inspires me. My mission is to give love, happiness, beauty, smiles, happy memories to my clients. Every detail is important to me!

I do not think of patterns, it is important for me to create something new. Therefore, each of our weddings is unique, like and couples themselves.

wedding planner

Catherina Events is my international team of professionals. I understand that you cannot plan a wedding 24/7, that is why we do the decoration and coordinating the wedding by ourselves.


We provide European service & decoration with local flavor.


The Catherina Events team has successfully organized many previous weddings. We provide our clients only the best services in Sri Lanka!


Booking a wedding with us, you get:


⠀• Wedding Planner

⠀• Decorator & Florist

⠀ • We create everything from flower arrangements to the lighting of weddings.

   • We create style and design for weddings

   • Wedding Coordinator

   • Attention, care, and fulfilling your dreams⠀


You get everything this in the face of my team Catherina Events!


Over the years of work in Sri Lanka, we have collected a base of locations, hotels and villas, photographers, videographers, musicians, catering companies, suppliers of furniture, marques, and much more.


We learned to work in the tropics and studied local legislation regarding marriages.

In addition to organizing and decor, official and symbolic weddings, we help with booking and choosing hotels, villas, transfers, and any service in Sri Lanka.


We regularly replenish and update the decor, follow the trends in the world of weddings.


We are located in sunny Sri Lanka!


What does the wedding planner do? 


So, the wedding planner is a specialist who plans, prepares and creates your celebration “from” and “to” or in other words - works on your wedding from idea to implementation. 


The planner helps to select high-quality specialists, monitors the progress of training, solves all organizational issues and nuances. As practice shows, a lot happens at a wedding.


The wedding planner should have a sense of style and taste, aware of all the trends and trends in the wedding world. Communicative, active, mobile, able to quickly respond and resolve difficult situations.


In fact, the main function is to get rid the newlyweds of the hassle, clap and rush associated with preparing for the wedding.




• Drawing up a basic plan for preparing for the wedding, assistance in choosing a style, palette, decor

• Help in choosing a venue for the ceremony and dinner

• Selection of specialists for the wedding: stylist, photographer, videographer and etc.

• Organizing of entertainment and recreation areas at the wedding

• Selection of a hotel or an alternative venue for bride's getting ready and morning shooting

• Help in choosing a wedding image of the bride and groom, as well as images of guests

• Wedding day coordination


So, the wedding planner is needed to let the newlyweds and guests enjoy the holiday. We take care of all the issues from planning to decoration!

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